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Von Schweikert VR-10 Mk II 80% Off, Trades, ($100K Retail - save $80,000 !!!) [Expired]

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Von Schweikert VR10 Mk II Audiophile Tower Speakers
$100,000 RETAIL offered at  80% OFF 


Here is rare pair of SINGLE OWNER Von Schweikert VR-10 Mk II audiophile grade speakers, custom ordered from the factory by us for our customer. This four column (2 columns per channel) pair of speakers sound AMAZING, put them up against anything and you will be stunned. Our customer moved into a smaller apartment so had to sell - this is your opportunity to steal these!

These speakers can do things few other can. One of the most impressive magic acts they perform is an even distribution of high frequencies unlike any other speaker. Almost every other cone speakers has a fairly narrow high frequency "SWEET SPOT". If you sit off to the side, the highs drop off - not so with these VR10’s. You can actually stand beside the speaker at 90 degrees off axis and hear virtually no drop off of the highs ... it really is quite amazing to experience and means you have an even sound distribution across the room no matter where you sit. Further, these speakers are ROOM FRIENDLY, you can put them right up against the back wall, or mounted inside the wall, and they will still sound incredible = easy placement still delivers awesome sound.

Sonically they are highly organic, no glaring high end edge, just very smooth highs, a warm sweet midrange with that "you are there" realism and a solid, tight, articulate bottom end that engages you in the music and its emotion without being artificial or anemic. Compared to Wilsons, JM Labs, YG’s and many other top end speakers they have very low listener fatigue meaning you will be able to listen to your music longer and enjoy it more. They are both tube and solid state friendly, easily driven by either and manageable enough that a single 65 year old male was able to move them himself with a small hand dolly so placement is easy.

This pair of speakers was ordered direct from the factory by us for our customer and he wanted to use them in his home theater - behind a curtain - so he ordered the speakers UNFINISHED from the factory then had them painted with a black finish (looks ok) however this is why we rated the condition only a 7 since they are not finish painted. Functionally, they are a 10 with all working normally.

So because these do not have the factory gloss black paint finish we are able to pass the savings on to you. You can always have the cabinets repainted if you wish and I am sure you could have them easily painted in a gloss finish by an automotive painter with the color of your choice, if so desired. We had a quote from a local car paint shop of $1500/pr.

The speakers have all the standard top of the line Von Schweikert drivers in perfect working condition, fully tested and checked. These speakers are very efficient and can be driven with as little as a 50 watts a channel but they can take a lot more. They come with two solid state amps, one each to drive the sub towers (so no need for power for them). You could not buy this speaker in todays market for the original $100K+ retail price, its just too expensive to build, this is a speaker you will live with for life!

If you wish to hear these amazing speakers before buying they are setup for audition with a pair of McIntosh amps, Levinson preamp and a high end media server with hi-rez audio files. Come and listen, fall in love and take them away in your truck or van.

For PICKUP in Fort Myers, Florida or you can arrange your own shipping/crating but we do not have any original boxes or crates for these speakers so you will need to make your own arrangements but they could be shipped or just placed on a moving truck strapped to the side. We can help you get these shipped easily, just contact us if needed.


We have references from buyers all over the world, with an average sale of $15,000 + we have references from many of the top Editors of the main audio publications - no-one has more so you know your transaction will be safe and secure. Plus we have been on eBAY since 1998 with 100% customer satisfaction rating and we also had the same here on Audiogon until cancer forced me to take a break from audio and then all my references were deleted by the system. 


--> We’ve Been A Safe & Secure eBay Seller Since 1998 with 100% Customer Rating <--


VR-10 Specifications

System Type - AIR™ (Acoustic Inversion Replication) - 4 tower system
Circuit Type - GAIN™  with servo - control Zobel impedance levelers
Enclosure Type - Sealed, single column with Interlocked matrix bracing
Main Drivers - 2 x 4.5" Kevlar midrange drivers, 4 x 9" bass drivers
Tweeter - 2 x 1" dome ScanSpeak Revelator tweeters, and 1- 4" ribbon supertweeter
Ambience - 2 x 1" ferro fluid cooled and damped dome drivers
Response - 20Hz - 50kHz -3dB
Bass Enclosure - 4 x 15" drivers per cabinet = 8 total 15" woofers
Impedance - 4 Ohms 
Power - Maximum - 1,000 watts rms
Subwoofer Amps - Two solid state 500 watt dedicated amps (1 per column)
Sub Amp Voltage: Switchable from 120v to 240V 
Technical condition: Perfect - all working and tested
Sub amps connect to main towers with speaker wire OR preamp-out via RCA 
Sub Amp Controls: Variable low pass control, Phase control, Level control
SUB TOWERS = 18" wide x 12 deep x 6ft tall
MAIN TOWERS = 11" wide x 18" deep x 6ft tall
Floor dimensions:  17" x 24" for sub tower bases and 24" x 17" for main towers

Pickup in Ft. Myers, Florida or we will ship if you make all arrangements and assume liability. All sales final with no guarantee or warranty provided, you may audition before buying. Cash on pickup please. We will assist you with the set-up and operation of these speakers anytime during and after the sale via phone and email at no cost. Please contact us prior to close of auction if you have any questions we can answer or clarify for you.

We have great user ratings and many satisfied customers worldwide so you can buy with confidence. We specialize in selling the worlds ultimate audio equipment all over the world.

Here is what some of our past customers had to say about us:

Having been an audiophile and a reviewer for over ten years, I have dealt with many people in the industry. My experience with Chris Moon of HigherFi was one of the smoothest, hassle free experiences I have had. I’m sure we will work together again soon. Thanks,
Greg Petan, Managing Editor/Stereotimes.com

"HigherFi is an honest, forthright seller of used high-end audio equipment. I have known Chris for over ten years and he has always been above board, knowledgeable, and a very good communicator. I would surely recommend him to anyone looking to sell very high-end audio components on a world-wide stage. I’m not sure there is anyone in the business today that’s sold more gear in the uber-end of the market. What else can I say? Highly recommended!"
Jeff Fritz , Reviewer with UltraAudio

"I had the pleasure of setting up a Genesis 1.1 Loudspeaker system with my buddy that was purchased through HigherFi. The buyer was very happy and we had a blast dialing that system in! Chris seems to have all the great toys and the knowledge to get them pumping out fantastic music."
Michael Mercer, HPSoundings and Positive Feedback

Chris, many thanks for facilitating my purchase of the Wilson X-1 Series 3’s. The speakers were just like new, as you said they would be, and your post-purchase advice about setting them up in my room has been extremely valuable. You made a deal happen that neither the seller nor I would have been able to make happen by ourselves ... but you made it happen. Thanks.
Professor L. Schwarz - Purdue University


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