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LSA Group HP-1 New planar phones w/4 great reviews-Worldwide freight

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                   The great reviews keep coming


See the killer new review in They say:
"The LSA HP-1 is a spectacular planar design that Walter Liederman had
the insight to have developed and made under his own Living Sounds Audio

"Once in a long while, a product comes into the listening room that
takes hold of me and does not let go. The HP-1 is such a product and has
been in constant use since its arrival."

"If you are looking for a
well-balanced sound you need to hear how good the HP-1 sounds. The fact
that it is offered for so little money makes this one of the best
values in personal audio. Dynamics and musicality are what the LSA HP-1
is all about and one of the best headphones I have heard and worthy of
reference status. Highly recommended."

Read the entire review at:

See the two Headphone Experience reviews on youtube at:
See the new first impressions at:

See the final review at:
Our first headphone, LSA HP-1 is
a typical LSA/Underwood product. It offers superb value coupled with
great sonics. We searched the world for a quality phone that could offer
at a great price to performance deal and are very excited to present
the HP-1. They are a version of a $2200.00 pair of marvelous planar
phones, made in Russia, the Odin MK4, by Kennerton. We loved their sonics and had them tool a
custom aluminum back plate that lowers weight by 150 grams, to 485 grams, as well as doing custom lacquer wood frames for us, over their
standard $2200.00 version.
After our mods they sound more like the $2800.00 Thekk model per the owner of Kennerton.

Another great review. This one in Positive feedback at:

They sum with:

assault on prices and HiFi norms is becoming more aggressive. He and
the small team at Underwood HiFi have a good ear. They
are identifying great sounding pieces of equipment and finding ways to
deliver them at a fraction of the expected retail price."

LSA HP-1 is now my go to under $2000 headphone recommendation. Its
performance is peerless at its price point, and its technical
performance puts it within spitting distance of some of the best
headphones in the world, regardless of price."

"Thank you Walter, these are a gift to anyone who loves HiFi regardless of their ability to spend."

We are selling them with our Low Overhead Internet Direct model at only $1399.00. Compare them to any $2000-$2500.00 competition that we have heard. The HP-1
offers the unique sound so much loved by planar headphones enthusiasts!
Stunning detail and clarity combined with powerful and beautifully
controlled bass. They lean to the warmer side of neutral versus the hyper detail of some other phones. They are great for long listening sessions.
Here is one of the first customers feedback:

Good morning Walter!

Just wanted to let you know that I received the package last week. The LSA-1 headphones were stunning right out of the box! I heard details out of my CD’s that I didn’t even know were there!

At this point I have 6 hours in the break-in period. I log numerically the CD I listen to so when I get to 100 I’ll know I’m there. But I have to say that after the 6 hours I am almost hearing a 3D sound. Sometimes I would pull the headphones off because the sound felt like it was coming from ‘outside’ the headphone! Thank you for bringing an incredible headphone (along with an unbelievable price) to the market.

The HP-1 uses only high-quality materials – steel, aluminum, genuine leather and precious wood.

Driver Unit:  80 mm isodynamic, metalized polyimide 8μm diaphragm
Freq Resp: 15-50000 Hz

Sensitivity:  104 dB / 1 mW

Impedance:  40Ω

Cord length: interchangeable, with Mini XLR connectors, 2m 6.2mm phone jack included

Weight:  485g
Warranty: Two years  


our eyes, we see the perfect headphone as a cross-breed of the dynamic
and electrostatic technologies combined into one. Whereby taking the
airy and extremely detailed sound of an electrostatic driver, and
combining it with the power and impact of a dynamic transducers. The
HP-1 is a sound that’s both natural and engaging.

we looked at the market to see what our competitors have been producing
in the last couple of years, we were surprised to find that the most
recent planar magnetic headphones all had the same design and thus also
shared the same flaws. This indicated to us that the 25-year old planar
magnetic technology hasn’t evolved with time.

supplier got to the drawing board and started to make their own drivers
from scratch. One of their core goals was to minimize internal structure
resonances and optimize sound wave patterns, in order to create clear,
low-distortion sound. To achieve this, they created several
patent-pending core innovations. Its magnetic structure is designed to
eliminate both unwanted resonances, and unify magnetic field
distribution over the total frequency range.


drivers are solely designed and produced in Russia, which involves a
facility that also works for the aerospace and military industries,
which ensures the highest quality and durability of our headphones.

  • A
    new 80mm planar-magnetic driver, with every aspect of this technology
    being implemented, such as phase coherence, flat impedance and a
    low-mass diaphragm.

  • Multi-layer
    10µm polyimide film diaphragm, tested to have the highest reliability
    and longevity in the most extreme environmental conditions.

  • FEM-Optimized Magnet System with 10 neodymium magnets arranged in symmetric push-pull configuration.

  • Unique semicircular bar magnets.

  • A
    semicircular form therefore has many advantages over the ordinary
    rectangular shaped bar magnets: It gives a more uniform magnetic field,
    greatly reduces internal resonances and produces an optimal sound.

  • The
    driver allows greater sensitivity, thanks to its powerful magnets and
    low-mass diaphragm. It can therefore be easily driven by portable

We aimed for reliability and durability along with great sound at an internet direct with no dealer profit cost.


Aerospace grade aluminum and steel is used.

Custom Quality wooden hi gloss ear cups were specified.

There is a complete absence of any plastic parts.



  • Aerospace grade aluminum and steel.

  • High-quality lacquer wooden ear-cups.


  • A strap-design headband which allows even weight distribution over your head.

  • Fine lambskin leather.

  • Soft ear pads, that creates a comfortable listening experience.

  • 6.6 foot cable with 1.4" phone jack (mini DIN connector) is included as is a nice carry case with shoulder strap.

2 year warranty

We accept PayPal, Visa, AMEX, Discover, MasterCard, bank wires & money orders. 

Read our over 13,400 points of AudiogoN #1 rated feedback and then call 770-667-5633 with questions or to order these excellent headphones. 
GA & HI residents add sales tax.

International sales are paid by PayPal or bank wire transfer only.

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