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For sale are 2 speakers, 2 matching stands, 2 covers, spikes that screw into speaker bottoms for isolation, all in original boxes.  These wonderful speakers provide an excellent soundstage, very satisfying clean bass and detailed top end.  I find them to be just a bit laid back sounding which makes for pleasant extended listening sessions.  They are also beautiful.  Please see photos.  I show just one of the stands as they are in similar condition.  I also show one speaker in more detail than the other as the other is also in similar condition.  The stands have nicks and scuffs on the bottom edges and top plate as one might expect.  The speakers have some minor nicks and scuffs, but only on the tops, and they are hard to see unless you look very closely.  I am a perfectionist and not bothered by any of these. The speaker fronts and drivers are in perfect condition (photos show reflections that are not imperfections).  Original retail price was $7000 for the speakers, $1200 for the stands, $8200 total.  I will sell them for $3850. Less than half price for a classic, great pair of speakers.

Info from a review (link below):
The Mini Utopia sits atop a stand, one specially designed for it, by the way; but it measures 24"T x ’16"D x 10"W and weighs 59 pounds -- more than many multiple-driver floorstanders. Until recently, the $7000-per-pair Mini Utopia was the smallest in size and price in JMlab’s Utopia line that peaks out at the $70,000 Grande Utopia.
The Mini Utopia is a two-way bass-reflex design that uses two 6.5" Focal woofers (JMlab is the maker of Focal drive units) in an MTM configuration around a 1" inverted dome Focal tioxid tweeter (incidentally, this is NOT the same tweeter as used in JMlab's Electra line). The front baffle has a concave shape the factory calls "Focus Time," presumably indicating the sound of the drivers converges at a listening distance. The speaker cabinet is built to ensure high rigidity. Each driver is enclosed with a separate internal compartment, and looking at the Mini face-on, you can see a small space between each of these. The crossover is a third-order network that hands off to the tweeter at 2.5kHz. Unlike the printed circuit board used in mass-produced loudspeakers, the crossover in the Mini Utopia is wired point-to-point. The woofer cones use a sandwich-type construction consisting of "fiberglass layers around a core of syntactic plastic foam." The drivers are representative of the very best that Focal produces.
The Mini Utopia is uniquely ported with two slots that fire out the front just above and below the tweeter area. The company rates the frequency response from 50Hz to 25kHz +/- 3dB. Efficiency is rated at 91.5dB (2.83V/1M), and the nominal impedance is said to be 8 ohms (not dipping below 4 ohms). JMlab's literature indicates that amplifiers from 25 to 150Wpc into 8 ohms are suitable for use with the Mini. My experience shows this speaker to be a snap to drive. A single set of high-quality WBT binding posts protrude out the Mini’s smoothly finished back. Bi-wiring is not an option.
The Mini’s cabinet construction and attention to detail are stunning. The heavy, thick MDF walls are finished in a beautiful black lacquer. Inside, lead panels are strategically placed to reduce resonance. The real-wood side panels are made of Anigré, a dark-blonde African hardwood that not only looks good but also serves to further strengthen the cabinet walls. Another exotic wood, Tauri, is used to make the solid-wood baffle for the tweeter. The stands, of course, are finished identically to the same standard -- I can’t imagine anyone would use something else (other than the fact that they do cost $1200 extra, which is certainly not inexpensive).
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