Gabriel GoldReckoning GusedGabriel Gold Reckoning G (Gold) * 1m RCA set *  customer review !Gabriel Gold - " Bringing Your Music to Greater Heights" "24K Gold plated Copper conductors bring illusion, inducing lifelikeness which blossoms into a veritable garden of tonality producing natur...151.00

Gabriel Gold Reckoning G (Gold) * 1m RCA set * customer review ! [Expired]

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Gabriel Gold  - " Bringing Your Music to Greater Heights" 

"24K Gold plated Copper conductors bring illusion, inducing lifelikeness which blossoms into a veritable garden of tonality producing natural and organic  harmonic textures."

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Brief History:

Gabriel Gold has been selling Gold, Silver and Copper based cables for nearly 20 years.Over the years nearly 1.5 million views have taken place in the cable discussion forums. 

An Audio distributor/importer interested in the product called the Gabriel Gold’s, “a sonic and visual masterpiece.

I’ve had a number of trade publications request review samples over the years, I have graciously declined. as my focus has been and always will be the ultimate reviewer - - You The Customer ! That is not to say that reviewers are not personally using Gabriel Gold cables as many are .

I’ve had many opportunities to bring the Gabriel Golds into the mass market by distributors, investors and manufacturers so I am aware of production cost and margins needed so all can make their share.

Direct sales and low overhead is the only way a cable of the magnitude of any Gabriel Gold cable can be made available to the consumer at their respected price points.

Gabriel Gold designs include and have included the following. 
Gabriel Gold Extreme,  Gabriel Gold Revelation,  Gabriel Gold Rapture,  
Gabriel Gold Rev 2,  Gabriel Gold Rapture v2,  Gabriel Gold Reflection , 
Gabriel Gold Reflection v2,  Gabriel Gold Infusion and the Gabriel Gold HALO      

Customer review

"Great cables! I think your pursuit of the qualities you claim to "properly assist in conveying correct timbre, harmonics and tonality" is spot on and your design's are really driven to achieve just that. To my ear and musical soul, those are the essence and basics to master and I so appreciate your efforts and achievements.

In comparing the Rapture, the Reckoning G offers more presence, clarity and dynamics. They are beguilingly musical and keep me coming back to listen to more music of all types and then pinned to my listening spot for as long a time as I have. From simple singer/songwriter to complex orchestral and new classical (New Albion recordings!) to rippin' funk - it all sounds great and appears on a large well defined stage. In addition to the above, to my ear, this design seems to have a deeper stage than previous and more extended/deeper digging more tuneful bass.

Even when not listening intently (re: working/walking around the house), that ineffable quality of musicality (properly assist in conveying correct timbre, harmonics and tonality?!) keeps me grinning and engaged in how lovely the music is.
These cables are a great achievement"

Customer review

"The Reckoning G IC has excellent bass which imparts a toe-tapping, rhythmic quality and keeps me engaged even at lower volume levels. When I turn the music up, I hear a large, enveloping soundfield, where the musicians and instruments are distinct in both position and color. The whole is a coherent tapestry of sound with a special character that is rare in my experience. The quietness / RFI immunity of the cable allows excellent detail to come through, making delicate high notes, like the metallic spray from cymbals sound extraordinary. The Reckoning G character is complementary to music and while perhaps not as subjectively transparent as some, its most striking quality is a certain sonic beauty or rightness that, though difficult to describe, is a treat to my ears. Highly recommended! "

Customer comments

"This week I finally achieved an all Reckoning-G IC-based system in my main system with very good results. The dynamics are exceptional, where the dynamic range is greatly expanded, as vastly more "gears" are available to the system. And the cables have exceeded my expectations for image placement (soundstaging). In support of this, there is a phase coherence across the range of frequencies that makes it exceptionally easy to comprehend even difficult lyrics. I also hear a sophisticated handling of the lower frequencies with a degree of "air" that gives the bass a live quality. All of these attributes (dynamics, imaging, coherence, and air) combine in a way that is particularly harmonious with music. "

Build Quality

Hand crafted, designed from the ground up and built by the owner of Gabriel Gold. 

The Sound - Most Importantly !!!!! Searching for that perfect sound is what initially inspired me to design a cable. One that would properly assist in conveying correct timbre, harmonics and tonality above all else. Obsessive designing and work with metallurgy yielded a cable that audiophiles and musicians were preferring over some of the most respected and expensive cables available. Paul Shaeffer formerly of the The Late Show With David Letterman outfitted his home system entirely with Gabriel Gold cables.

Reckoning G list price 1m RCA is $995.00  Employs Proprietary 24K Gold plated Copper conductors . Conductors are encased and sealed in isolated Teflon air chambers. KLE Silver plated RCA connectors.  
Please contact us with any questions .  

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