Arion AudioApollo 12used"One of the best speakers I have ever heard" We hear this over and over again. Apollo Speakers are designed and built in the USA - High Sensitivity - OB - Line Source - AMT Based System - No other speaker is like the Apollo!

"One of the best speakers I have ever heard" We hear this over and over again. Apollo Speakers are designed and built in the USA - High Sensitivity - OB - Line Source - AMT Based System - No other speaker is like the Apollo!

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Ships fromCharlotte, NC, 28278
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Package dimensions48.0" × 24.0" × 16.0" (200.0 lbs.)
48.0" × 24.0" × 16.0" (200.0 lbs.)
48.0" × 24.0" × 16.0" (200.0 lbs.)
48.0" × 24.0" × 16.0" (200.0 lbs.)
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"I have been using the new 84" tall Apollo 12 speakers which are custom made AMT drivers from 120 HZ up to god know what and very fast matching woofers all running on 20 watt amps (105 dB efficient speakers) and I have never had this much clean resolution that these new speakers let me hear.

I have no monetary interest in the (Arion Audio) Apollo speakers but as of now they are the best I have ever heard and highly recommend them"

Harry Weisfeld (founder of VPI) Jan 12, 2020 1:38 pm


Features & Benefits of Arion Apollo Loudspeakers


1.    Room integration

- Arion speakers greatly simplify the process of system-room integration.


2.    Equipment integration

- Primarily amplifiers to speakers. Arion Apollo speakers are directly coupled to the outputs of the amplifiers and are an easy load to drive.


3.    High sensitivity

- High sensitivity speakers are much less likely to suffer from a truncated dynamic range or sounding compressed during music peaks. Amplifiers from as little as 1.5 watts per channel and up can be used with Apollo speakers.


4.    Power handling

- Power handling coupled with high sensitivity allow the speaker system to reproduce uncompressed dynamic peaks. Dynamic contrast and uncompressed dynamics are essential to realistic music reproduction.


5.    Light membrane driver elements

- Well controlled low mass driver elements coupled with strong motor assemblies excel in transient response both in acceleration and de-acceleration. This is important in resolving complex wave forms and low distortion.


6.    True line array

- The vertical spectral content of music is virtually the same throughout the length of the line so the seating height does not matter with Apollo speakers unlike point source speakers where it is important for the ears to be aligned in relationship with the tweeter. Additionally, a true line source speaker has minimal vertical dispersion at any frequency. Hence, there is no sound bouncing from either the floor or the ceiling. No deleterious interference from these surfaces is created (as in virtually all other kinds of speakers).


7.    Dipole or open baffle

- A dipole true line array radiates sound in a figure 8 pattern from a polar response perspective. It’s clear to see that side wall interaction is reduced. Dipole speakers energize the listening room in a very natural way.


8.    Open baffle woofer modules

- Open baffle woofers energize the listening room in a very natural way and integrate seamlessly with the OB towers. There is no “speaker box” to control.


9.    DSP with advanced auto room correction

- Excellent in-room response in both the amplitude and time domains at the listening position are easily achieved. Hassle free speaker-room integration. User adjustable to personal preferences. Multiple presets that can be changed on the fly.


10.   Separate extended range AMT towers and woofer modules

- Separate cabinets allow the extended range line source dipole towers to be placed in the perfect location to optimize soundstage and imaging for the main listening position. The bass modules can be placed for optimum extended in-room bass response and seamless integration with the full range towers. Multiple woofer modules can be used in stacked or distributed configurations.

Please contact us to discuss possible configurations and options at 980-237-1988 or [email protected].    

Please visit our website for more information. We are continuing to add more content so please check back often.

Questions for the seller
Hello, Will you be attending the Pacific Audio Fest Show in Seattle coming up at the end of the month? We'd love to get a rare chance to hear these very interesting looking speakers. There's only one youtube video of these speakers and they're playing percussion and not instrumental music. I'll be looking for you ant the show.
Greetings We will be exhibiting at the Pacific Audio Fest 2022 show. We will be in the Olympic 1 room showing our Apollo 9 system. Audio Research is supplying us with a Reference 80S amp, a Reference 6SE Line-Stage and a Reference Phono 3SE Phono Stage. All power filtering is by Chang Lightspeed, DAC is by EMM Labs and music server is by Wolf. The turntable is a VPI direct drive with a Soundsmith cartridge. All cabling is by JPS Labs. Please stop by and say hello. Mike

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