LSA10 SignaturenewLSA 10 Signature Latest review is another rave- Save $1300.00Ask us about 6 MONTHS NO INTEREST thru PayPal LSA-10 Signature Sale Save $1,300.00 for a limited time See the latest great review is Audiopursu...1199.00

LSA 10 Signature Latest review is another rave- Save $1300.00 [Expired]

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    Ask us about 6 MONTHS NO INTEREST thru PayPal     

                    LSA-10 Signature Sale            

            Save $1,300.00 for a limited time

See the latest great review is Audiopursuit. They sum with:

"The LSA-10 Signature speakers are much like that sweater and jeans you look forward to wearing, as they are relaxed and all-day comfortable. They don’t demand your attention, nor put you to sleep. In some ways they remind me of the effect that Harbeth’s have in that you forget how much musical detail you are hearing because they are so pleasant. I truly wish I was in the market for a pair stand mounts, as the search would be over."
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Tone Audio said:

Full range performance from a world class monitor with amazing imaging. Tone Audio just gave it an "Exceptional Value award."

They sum with:

“I can't imagine a better choice in the context of a $5k - $15k system. Different, yes, but in terms of sheer sonic quality, these are awfully impressive. The design choices by the LSA team have made serve the music. I am very happy to give the LS-10s an Exceptional Value Award for 2020.”

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Compare this speaker to any $5000.00 monitor sold at retail

Please note that we also sell them at $1399.00 with a 30 day in home trial*

The first review was a rave. They said:

"As the disc progressed the bookshelf speakers showed me that they could really sound like a couple of floorstanders." While I do praise their low end, it’s the staging that I feel I must go back to. A-10’s have great, almost holographic, dimension about them that became even more impressive to me."  Yes they sound big, and that’s wonderful, but they also make the room sound big, as well. When placed correctly, the walls behind them seem to disappear, and they paint huge, lush images of sound. Instruments move in the sound field fluidly, with a soundstage much wider than the stance of the speakers themselves. The 1-inch dome tweeter created well-defined sound and crossed over very smoothly with the woofer. Even the piano, probably the hardest instrument for a bookshelf speaker to reproduce well, sounded wonderfully natural. The LSA-10’s are very good at making a mural of your listening wall."

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At the April 2019 Axpona show Kemper Holt of Part Time Audiophiile wrote: 

"The LSA 10 Signatures and Emerald Physics electronics which were plugged into Core Power Technologies balanced power 1800 conditioner combined for an outstanding system. One of the few systems with substantial front to back depth, it also demonstrated a wide stage with pinpoint imaging, the speakers completely disappeared, vocals were wonderful, but the most stunning surprise about the system was the low bass extension, power, impact, and ability to pressurize the room, it rivaled many small floorstanders with extension down to 35 Hz, a passive radiator on the rear of the monitor is the secret ingredient to the bass proficiency. Every person who came in and sat down to listen when I was there asked if the floorstanders were playing, and everyone was astounded that only the monitors were making such full range music."

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Audio Bacon said:

"I was thoroughly impressed with the LSA-10 Signature at AXPONA 2019. But I’m absolutely blown away by the LSA-10 Statement. Especially in combination with the DSPeaker Anti-Mode 2.0 Dual Core and Emerald Physics 100.2 SE power amplifier.

This system was made to compete with others over three times its price – and yeah…I’m inclined to agree. It punches way above its weight. It’s an absolute steal, even at its retail price. Which is made possible via factory direct pricing. I believe it is the hottest deal in HiFi today."

                                            End Game?

"Now I don’t say this lightly: I’m positive the LSA-10 Statement or LSA-10 Signature may be an end-game bookshelf speaker for many. It epitomizes what we as audiophiles are constantly seeking. A speaker that is dynamic, has fine tonal quality – and is faithful to the nuances and harmonics of the art. The word “truth” was recurring in my notes."

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In their August 2020 system review based around the LSA 10 Signature and Peachtree Nova 300 summed with:

"This was an amazing system for the price ($8,119 in total, $5,994 for digital only, though Underwood HiFi offers a special package deal of the LSA LSA-10 Signature Monitors, the Peachtree Nova 300, a Bluesound Node2i streamer, a pair of the $450 Core Power Defiant Gold speaker cables, a $400 Core Power Valiant Gold series power cord and a $250 Core Power Conduit Gold coaxial digital cable for $3,999 delivered) that shows you can achieve true audiophile sound quality on a budget."

"All in all, as intended, this is a great entry-level to midrange audiophile system for someone who wants to step up their game from personal audio or home theater to really appreciate and enjoy the wonders of two-channel loudspeaker listening." "Highly recommended."

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The LSA-10 Signature monitor uses a custom LSA 1” silk dome tweeter with a compact neodymium XBL2 magnet structure and a shallow waveguide to better integrate with the woofer, a single black anodized LSA custom aluminum 6.5” XBL2  woofer, and a single rear mounted 5” x 7” sub bass radiator

It uses a computer designed 4th order Linkwitz Riley acoustic crossover with an easy 12 ohm impedance rating (see note below). The LSA-10 Signature has an in-room response from 38Hz to 20 kHz +/-3dB. The LSA-10 Signatures are available in a chocolate Rosewood Satin wood veneer with magnetically attached grille.

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