Black Ice AudioF22newBlack Ice Audio F22 50wpc balanced integrated  tube ampAsk us about 6 MONTHS NO INTEREST thru PayPal In the new review in Secrets they sum with: "Considering the outstanding parts quality, superb sound, and reasonable price, I consider the Blac...2000.00

Black Ice Audio F22 50wpc balanced integrated tube amp [Expired]

no longer for sale

        Ask us about 6 MONTHS NO INTEREST thru PayPal

In the new review in Secrets they sum with:
"Considering the outstanding parts quality, superb sound, and reasonable price, I consider the Black Ice Audio Fusion F-22 tube integrated amplifier one of the best bargains on the audio market." "How much do I like this amplifier? I bought the review sample (something I rarely do). Draw your own conclusions!"

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The Black Ice F22 is a remote controlled fully balanced differential push pull integrated tube amp that does 50 watts/ch with EL34’s or 60 watts per channel with 6550 tubes. It was designed by Jim Fosgate for Black Ice, the new name for Jolida. Sonics are excellent and the best that we know of in its price range. These new amps are a major step up from the older Jolida models and it is fitting that the company has a new name to go along with all new designs. Price is for the 50wpc amp with EL34 tubes. Add $250.00 with 6550 tubes.

I have an as-new black photo sample amp with EL-34 tubes for only $2,199.00. Never been on.

Silver F22's are out for at least 90 days.

Info is as follows:

o Fully Integrated Stereo Amplifier: Input 1 V driving 50 to 60 watts, maximum 75 watts output.    
o Multiple Inputs: Touch control selector switch
o Features: Uses EL34 or 6550 tubes. Fixed and Subwoofer output. Remote control and touch sensor on/off switch. Tube based headphone output.
o Custom Wound Audio Transformers with a core of German grain oriented silicon steel. The output transformers are based on the Hafler design           
o Exact Bias System: Top panel bias terminal with bias adjustment controls and built in meter.    
o State of the Art Components: ALPS Blue audio potentiometer, gold plated RCA input jacks, Black Ice Audio coupling caps.
o Low Feedback Design: Only 4.5 dB  

Maximum Power: 75wpc @ 8 ohms, 1KHz w/6550’s / 65wpc @ 8 ohms, 1KHz w/EL34’s
Rated Output Power:60Wpc @t 8 ohms, 25Hz-60KHz w/6550 Tubes /50Wpc @ 8 ohms, 28Hz to 72KHz with EL34 Tubes
Frequency Response: 8Hz to 130KHz   + 1dB  (at 1 watt into 8 ohms)
Bandwidth:  15Hz to 80KHz + 3dB; 0dB 60 W 1KHz
Distortion THD:  Less than 1% at 20 V output, 28Hz to 15KHz
Circuit Type:  Fully Balanced differential push pull
Input Impedance: 100Kohms                                                                                      Negative Feedback:  Less than 4.5 dB
Noise and Hum: 95dB below rated output
Tube Complement: 4 x. EL34 or 6550 power output; 4 x 12AX7A/ECC83
Dimensions: 14.5”w x 11.5”d x 7.5”h
Weight:  32 pounds net, approximately 43 pounds packaged

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