Revelation Audio Labs'Passage' CryoSilver Reference newRevelation Audio Labs 'Passage' CryoSilver Reference   8-pin, for Cary, Supratek, Gold Note, etc.BRAND NEW DESIGN REVISION FOR 2021 NEWS ALERTS Revelation Audio Labs was just chosen by Stereophile magazine for their Recommended Components Fall 2021 Edition, published here: https://www.stereoph...399.00

Revelation Audio Labs 'Passage' CryoSilver Reference 8-pin, for Cary, Supratek, Gold Note, etc. [Expired]

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Revelation Audio Labs was just chosen by Stereophile magazine for their Recommended Components Fall 2021 Edition, published here: 

which makes it six consecutive times (also 2021, 2020, Fall 2019, 2019 AND 2018):  


Revelation Audio Labs was also chosen by The Absolute Sound magazine for the 2018 Golden Ear Award, published in their September issue (#286) - one of only three cable brands to be awarded the 2018 Golden Ear, the only digital cable chosen, and the only cable under the four thousand dollar ($4,000.00) price point.  Note: since NO CABLE was chosen for the 2019 Golden Ear Award, we currently remain as one of the handful of cables to receive a Golden Ear Award recently.


A remarkable upgrade for Cary and Supratek owners.

Revelation Audio Labs 'CryoSilver Reference' umbilical power cable, 1-meter in length. With 8-pin threaded female DIN connectors.

For the following equipment:

Supratek - Syrah, Chenin, Chardonnay, Grange, Cortese, Cabernet, Sauvignon, Burgundy

Cary - SLP-05, SLP-98, SLP-74

May fit other equipment makes and models, but carefully check your equipment before buying.

Here is a recent AudiogoN feedback we received on this cable that says it all:

"Great seller, very good cable ... not just much better than the stock cable, it would probably take over $2000.00 to make an upgrade this effective seriously." - Yve9258

Here is another testimonial just now received from another fellow AudiogoN member:

"I just got a chance to hook up the Umbilical to my Syrah, Wow! I actually hate it when cables make a difference but Wow great job! I'm running it with a modded Coincident Dynamo and Transmission Audio speakers, in heaven!" - wellington123

Of course you may be aware that the stock umbilical cable is mediocre at best and may be the weakest link in your music chain. Our power umbilical cable enables the full sonic potenial of the connected equipment and is in use in audiophile systems by music lovers world wide.

Please visit our web site for a full thesis on our design technologies, but as a brief synopsis, this cable features:

• We start with bare single crystal five-nines (5N) ultra-pure solid core CryoSilver™ conductors – deep cryogenically treated in our exclusive vacuum cryogenic process. Silver is the most electrically conductive of all the elements, and our silver is not your father’s silver. The raw, uninsulated wire used is made by a U.S. company that specializes in precision silver wiring technology primarily for advanced aerospace and medical imaging industries. Not at all what you find in other audio cables. No bulk cable is employed in any of our designs. That is simply because there is no bulk cable in existence that does what we need it to do.

•Big Air™ dielectrics

•Clear Teflon insulators

•Progressive Hand Wrap™ discreet solid shields for each conductor pole, isolating each conductor/dielectric sub-assembly from all others within the cable, to eliminate EM effects, cross talk, and eddy currents

•Triple-layer solid and helically-woven stranded outer shieldings

•All shieldings drained to the power supply end only (to carry absorbed internal and external EMI/RFI noise harmlessly away from the music)

•Cable is fully conditioned on our audiodharma Cable Cooker and contacts are treated with Furutech Nano Fluid contact enhancer prior to shipment

This cable normally sells for $399.00

We pay the cost of shipping worldwide.

The cable is available for immediate shipment.

We prefer PayPal, but will only accept a check or postal money order from U.S. buyer, or only a postal money order from a Canadian buyer. Buyer outside U.S. or Canada must use PayPal only.

By the way, we can custom-make an umbilical power cable for virtually ANY equipment and have been doing so for years - e-mail us and let us know what you need. In fact, we specialize in every high performance audio cable type for your entire system, from wall to speaker.

Since February, 2000, Revelation Audio Labs is now in our THIRD DECADE of listing our cables on AudiogoN!!! View our hundreds of great buyer feedbacks. What other cable maker listing on AudiogoN can stake that claim? Our business on AudiogoN has always meant a great deal to us – especially for the many music lovers and friends it has connected us with. We thank you for your support. We owe all our success to YOU - it is all because of YOU that we do what we do. Thank YOU!

Another very special distinction that merits your trust. Name just one high end audio equipment maker who, as a result of their solid work and integrity in the high end, has been contracted by NASA multiple times to provide various in-flight hardware? None other than Revelation Audio Labs. AMAZING!!! Tell me if you know another.

To save you money, we sell directly to the end user, skipping the inevitable levels of price mark-ups (distributors, dealers), but our cables are also proudly carried at the insistence of these fine high end audio dealers:

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