SFORZANDO designJLOnenewSFORZANDO design JLOne, seven pair lotSeven pair of new speaker systems partially assembled with most of the parts to build seven complete systems. Four cabinets black ash finish and three rosewood finish. Drivers included need to be i...12000.00

SFORZANDO design JLOne, seven pair lot

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Seven pair of new speaker systems partially assembled with most of the parts to build seven complete systems. Four cabinets black ash finish and three rosewood finish. Drivers included need to be installed. The electronic and passive crossovers are pre-assembled. The manufacture suggested retail price per system was $16,500, rosewood finish and $15,500, black ash finish. Shipping only available if buyer makes arrangements themselves. Otherwise speakers need to be picked up in Raleigh, NC. Speakers may be auditioned by serious potential buyers. Selling full lot of systems due to health issues. 

JL One Loudspeaker System 

“Overall the system ranks among the best I have ever heard” Russell Prince, NJ Audio Society 

The JL ONE is a stereo loudspeaker system, designed to provide state- 

of-the-art music reproduction in a home or studio environment. The system consists of five components: two mid/high-frequency towers, two bass/sub-bass modules, and a combination equalizer and electronic crossover. 

The electronic crossover is a sophisticated, symmetrical, fourth-order slope, Linkwitz-Riley design that can be operated in both balanced (via XLR) and single ended (via RCA jack) mode. Also included is a low- frequency equalization circuit with user-adjustable bass tilt and bass level controls. 

The bass/sub-bass modules are constructed using one-and-a-half inch thick, high-density composite with extensive internal bracing. They are built to CNC tolerances; that, combined with classic cabinet construction, provides for an extremely ridged platform. Each module houses two proprietary low-flex polymer ten-inch drivers. Coupling these drivers is a unique flared port system. 

The mid/high-frequency towers incorporate three drivers per unit:, a front-facing one inch dome tweeter, a top-facing five-and-one-quarter inch Kevlar midrange, and a rear-facing 3/4 inch soft dome tweeter. The section housing those drivers is a unique proprietary design, using facets and angles to optimize power response and dispersion. To optimize signal transfer, there are three sets of binding posts with individual sets of wires terminating at each driver (tri-wire). 

The JL ONE is a controlled dispersion loudspeaker that is designed to maintain accurate first arrival and power response in an average listening room. It sets entirely new standards for imaging and creates an amazingly realistic, three-dimensional sound field. The system has rock solid bass response down to subsonic frequencies. 

An unconventional aspect of the JL ONE is the separation of the
bass sections from the mid/high frequency towers. Doing this allows more flexibility in placement. The large, heavy bass modules can be located against the back wall, preferably in the corners, optimizing the low-frequency response. The mid/high-frequency towers, with only a 12.5-inch-square footprint, can easily be placed out into the room to create the ultimate spatial presentation or they can be left nearer the back wall for casual listening. This is in contrast to single-cabinet designs, which generally have to be placed well into the room for proper imaging, their entire bulk thereby dominating the space. 

The JL ONE system is designed to be bi-amplified. This method of amplification lowers distortion and allows you to optimize amplifier matching. One can choose amplifiers of differing characteristics for the towers and for the bass modules. For example, a high quality tube amp could be used on the mid/high frequencies and a solid state amp on the low frequencies. 

Mid/High-Frequency Tower 

Front Facing Tweeter                        1” soft dome

Rear Facing Tweeter                          3/4” soft dome

Top Facing Mid Range                       5 1/4” Kevlar                        

Input Connections                              3 Dual Binding Posts 

Wiring                                                Tri-Wiring Recommended             

Internal Wiring                                   Copper                    

Nominal Impedance                           8Ω

Crossover Frequencies                       220Hz, 2.5 kHz, 4kHz 

Cabinet Design                                   Multi-Planar, Controlled Dispersion, Transmission Line   

Height                                                 40”

Width                                                  12 ½ “

Depth                                                  12 ½ “

Weight                                                55lbs. each


Bass Modules

Drivers                                                2 Low Flex Polymer 10” Woofers per Channel 

Cabinet Design                                   1 1/2” High Density Composite Material with Hardwood Internal            Bracing, High Output Low Turbulence Ports 

Input Connections                              One Dual Binding Post 

Height                                                 37 5/8”

Width                                                  21 1/2”

Depth                                                  21 1/2” 

Weight                                                170 lbs. each 


Electronic Crossover/Bass Equalizer  

Input                                                    Balanced (XLR) & Unbalanced single ended (RCA phono) 

Output                                                 Balanced (XLR) & Unbalanced single ended (RCA phono) 

Crossover Frequency                          220 Hz

Crossover Slope                                  4th order, 24 dB/ octave 

Controls                                               Bass Level, Bass Tilt

Width                                                   19”

Height                                                   3”

Depth                                                    9”


Frequency Response                          20 Hz to 30 kHz +/- 2.5 dB 

Sensitivity                                          89 dB/W/m

System Attributes 

  • Life-like Wide and Deep Soundstage 
  • High Resolution Inner Detail 
  • Extended Low Frequency Response 
  • Wide Dynamic Range 
  • Wide Dispersion 
  • Easily Driven by as little as 50 watts 
  • Crossover can be used balanced or single ended 
  • High Frequency Towers are easily moved for best imaging 
  • Bass Modules are best placed on back walls or corners 
  • System offers greater flexibility in placement 


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