LencoStandardusedTJN Standard Lenco Custom commissions by Jean NantaisThe package has sold, but the concept is one which many audiophiles on a budget should consider given it will outperform anything near its price class, be it belt-drive, direct drive or idler wheel...950.00

TJN Standard Lenco Custom commissions by Jean Nantais

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The package has sold, but the concept is one which many audiophiles on a budget should consider given it will outperform anything near its price class, be it belt-drive, direct drive or idler wheel drive. For the curious more well-heeled audiophile, I accept my own work in part-trade against my upper work, so it can be considered a deposit.

Given my top record players, my Reference Lencos and Ultimate Lencos are considered among the best in the world at any price, and range from $8250 to more than $22,000 without a tonearm, this particular 'table is my PROOF OF CONCEPT. By this I mean though quite small and budget priced, it STILL embodies all my philosophies and many of my parts, materials and techniques as my top Ultimate Lenco, reviewed here by Arthur Salvatore: https://www.high-endaudio.com/RC-Lenco.html#Ten Compare it to other producst at multiples of its price including other idler-wheel drives, and even with a Linn Basik tonearm the results will astonish.

This project started as a request from a customer for something I had long wanted to do: a hearkening back to the earliest days of the Lenco phenomenon I started on January 2004, but with decades of knowledge and also new parts. So this is an early Lenco project revisited, but vastly improved over the early ones which still outperformed very many high end belt-drives even so.  This is no simple vintage 'table brought back, this will outperform any 'tables anywhere near its price class, being Proof Of Concept, that idler-wheel drive is the superior drive system, when done correctly.

I will accept new commissions: send me a Lenco plus $950, a Linn tonearm or Jelco SA-250, both of which fit into the original tonearm hole with perfect geometry, you get to choose from a variety of paperback veneers (maple, birch, jatoba, walnut, oak, ash, at extra cost teak).

It includes a plinth done correctly for maximal PRaT, dynamics micro- and macro, stunning bass and tonal accuracy. It is Direct Coupled for absolute silence, has certain parts and linkages replaced, motor rebuilt for improved speed stability and silence, the bearing is modified and improved, the wheel measured for absolute accuracy (making it better than almost all after-market ones). Special Tiptoe footers included for increased accuracy and transient speed. The end result is sonically stunning.

For some idea of my history read the first part of a four-part review done by Mono & Stereo here:https://www.monoandstereo.com/jean-nantais-reference-lenco-mkii-turntable-review/ 

I created the Lenco phenomenon via the Audiogon thread "Building high-end 'tables cheap at Home Despot" back in January 2004, and have been accepting custom commissions ever since while steadily evolving the products and results via new techniques and new parts. I have submitted my work to various audio magazines over the years always to stellar reviews. I taught the world how to rebuild them. See https://www.idler-wheel-drive.com/about-tjn/reviews/ for various reviews of my work.

An original Lenco chassis with Linn Basik tonearm installed in the original tonearm mount, Direct Coupled to my classic CLD plinth for low noise floor, PRaT, dynamics and tonal accuracy, with certain new parts and linkages installed for even better speed stability and detail, Tiptoe footers finished in black ash veneer. Veneer can be changed to handmade veneer of cherry, walnut, maple, birch, oak or mahogany for an additional $200.

The photos of the maple version of the TJN Standard Lenco with Funk Firm tonearm are of a more expensive improved model with handmade veneer, near-Reference plinth, better bearing and more thorough treatment of the chassis, price $2200 including Lenco, you choose tonearm (Linn etc.). Final photo shows the next model up for much better performance and flexibility (will accept most shorter tonearms including Graham Phantom, Triplanar and SME V etc.) a '70s Classic Lenco. Contact for further information, new listing coming.

You can read the original account of the history of this design here on my Facebook account: Facebook

In effect this little 'table is a great party trick: it's relatively light, relatively cheap, so audiophiles could carry it around, and visit and amaze friends! Or keep it simply to astound visitors. Or audiophiles on a budget could easily live with this little wonder for life and never feel the lack (and there's the Funk Firm FX5L out there for an upgrade along with a more serious MC!). Or have one for a second or office system!

I prefer bank transfers and cheques if possible.

Buyer pays actual cost of shipping, for European and Asian customers a 50 Hz motor can be installed at the same price.

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