LaRositaAlpha LaRosita Alpha  iTunes/StreamerLaRosita Alpha New iTunes Network Player/Streamer. New retail $2995. Reviews from Stereophile, 6 Moons and others. la Rosita La Rosita can be Wired or Wireless Music Player that connects s...795.00

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LaRosita Alpha New iTunes Network Player/Streamer.  New retail $2995.  Reviews from Stereophile, 6 Moons and others.     

la Rosita

La Rosita can be Wired or Wireless Music Player that connects straight to your Hi-Fi system on your home network. 

You can control your iTunes Library and playback through the LaRosita DAC which will give your iTunes music a far more compelling sound than ever before.
Music is stored on your computer or external drive all the conversion from digital to analog is accomplished using LaRosita's own algorithms. 

La Rosita’s iTunes Plug in software optimizes and makes wireless transmission more robust than standard iTunes. 

The La Rosita streamer and software is the achievement of 8 years of research and tests; and 35 years of audio experience and music passion.
LaRosita is free of jitter or noise.  No Jitter means, the music is never tired, you can listen for hours and hours, you will never again feel compelled to adjust the output of your music it will be consistently balanced.
To fully appreciate a Rosita, you just have to listen and only listen to music that carries emotion to be able to recognize its high musical qualities.

There's nothing like La Rosita in its ability to capture and to relay emotion, melody, the musical flow and its fluidity. This is probably the first time that we found with a digital devise the accents of both the analog and the vinyl This because of our proprietary Algorithm for D-to-A reconstruction based on Lagrange Transform and done by a very advanced DSP system.

Once you have a ROSITA, you just enjoy the music for the music and you have the right devise to reproduce music as its was recorded.

All firmware upgrades can be done at any time.

Hardware evolutions, are simply done by moulded module replacement.

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