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Laufer Teknik Memory Player 64-16 transport Mint customer trade-in [Expired]

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Buy with confidence at selling high-end audio for 13 years.  Top brands, great advice, new and used equipment available, we take trade-ins.  Auditions available by appointment, feel free to call anytime (877-289-2014) or (914-714-9213) with questions about any of our great products.

Mint customer trade-in
Laufer Teknik Memory Player MP-64-26-D transport (AES/EBU/SpDif)
Great condition, this unit has 2tb SSD storage and 4tb archival backup drive, patented defractionalized memory for the lowest jitter available and virtual battery power supply.  Software bundle includes, patented IDEAS jitter reducing software, copier, player (Jriver), high resolution digital recorder, resampler, brower and optical drive.  The player has the latest IDEAS2 and Clock remapping software.
The Virtual Battery is what all power conditioners strive to be, but cannot, due to their physical and electronic separation from the DC power that powers all electronic circuitry.   Even the finest power conditioner has such limited access to the DC power, it cannot reach even a 10% reduction in AC noise, RF and digital byproducts on the DC power itself.     The Virtual Battery from The Memory Player exceeds even the best power conditioner’s efficacy by an astounding 80%, cleaning the DC feeding all circuits to a level never before achieved in digital circuit designs.
The Memory Player utilizes our exclusive, patented DeFractionalized Memory. Its specially designed structure requires only one out of every 16 clock ticks, making it 16X less sensitive to jitter simply by placing any music file on this type of memory.   DeFractionalized Memory is gaining popularity in professional applications, as recording studios adopt its use in lieu of SSDs or conventional storage.    Mixdowns done on DeFractionalized Memory sound more lifelike, and enjoy greater detail.  Dynamics are released, and bass deepens and becomes more defined.    Tests are currently being conducted for efficacy in raising perceived video resolution by simply placing a video file on it, and playing that video, off DeFractionalized Memory.   DeFractionalized Memory can now be used on any music server or computer audio device, whether Windows or Mac.  It is supplied in PCIE, SSD or USB interfaces.    Along with IDEAS, it can raise or exceed performance of high end music servers and computer audio to levels only seen in players costing $100,000 or more,  including players using atomic clocks.
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