R.E. DesignLNPA 150R.E. Design LNPA 150 Monoblock AmplifiersTHE ORIGINAL WINNER OF THIS AUCTION NEVER PAID - I'VE LOWERED THE RESERVE TO HELP THEM MOVE ALONG I’m selling these amps for a friend; they belonged to her uncle who recently passed away. These a...1320.00

R.E. Design LNPA 150 Monoblock Amplifiers [Expired]

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THE ORIGINAL WINNER OF THIS AUCTION NEVER PAID - I'VE LOWERED THE RESERVE TO HELP THEM MOVE ALONG I’m selling these amps for a friend; they belonged to her uncle who recently passed away. These amps are rarely seen on Audiogon; owners almost never part with them. If your looking for eye candy, these may not be your first choice, but if your looking for outstanding sound these may be your next amps. The designer was Dan Banquer who has been highly regarded for his engineering ability, but not his aesthetic design. It was said just after RE Design closed shop by a friend and hifi colleague that Dan “cares little about appearance. What he does care about is excellent design, execution, and performance. That is exactly what you want in an engineer.” And that Dan “wanted to put honest engineering into honest products and sell them at honest prices” – Dan personally agreed with this statement. If you read the many online reviews (professional and personal) of this amp, that is exactly what you get – great sound, at a reasonable price. I haven’t been able to put these amps into my main system to truly hear them, but I did hook them up in a cobbled together rig for several days, I wanted to confirm that they are in full working order. They are. I believe these amps were shelved in early 2007 when they were replaced with a pair of specially ordered Symphonic Line Kraft 300s (they will be for sale at some point shortly). These amps have been modified by Bob Crump (the owner had an long standing relationship with Bob) - the IECs have been replaced with 20amp Hubbles and I know some internal parts (fuses, wires, possibly others) were upgraded. I don't know the full extent of Bob's upgrades but, given it was Bob Crump, I'm sure they were outstanding and extremely well done. Additionally, stick-on resonance material has been placed in strategic places inside the amps. I've rated them 5 out of 10 because of some scratches and marks, plus age (I don't actually know how old they are), but they appear to be working perfectly - please see the pictures. For a sense of what LNPA 150’s sound like, please see the reviews on R.E Design website (http://www.redesignsaudio.com/LNPA150.html - this is still up because Dan will still service the gear he sold, pretty amazing) or read the post on audio forums. A detailed write-up can be found here: http://www.audiocircle.com/index.php?topic=20169.0;wap2. I’ll paraphrase the crux of that posts impressions: “Bass is tight and very natural sounding . . . [they] sound more like a real bass or the thwack of a kick drum. The mids are rich and full with exceptional clarity and nuance. Low-level sounds are not masked and it's very easy to pick out each instrument. Vocals, especially vocal harmonies are amazing. The highs are open and extended . . . they have a lovely open and clear high end without any trace of harshness or grain.” LNPA 150s were sold as sequentially manufactured pairs; the serial numbers of these amps are 005 and 006. And some technical details: Power: 75 watts rms into 8 ohms 150 watts rms into 4 ohms 220 watts rms into 2 ohms (worse case rating; typically units will range from 240 to 260 watts rms into 2 ohms) Distortion: T.H.D. = 0.1%. (Note: The harmonic distortion is second order and not considered audible by any present study.) Fully Regulated Power Supplies with RFI-EMI Filter at the AC input Three Stage Fuse Protection: 5A Slow Blow fuse on the AC line 10A Slow Blow fuses between the diode bridges and the filter capacitors 7A Fast Blow fuses between the power supplies and the amplifier Direct Coupled from Input to Output. There is no switch, capacitor, or fuse in the signal path. Weight: 38 lbs each amplifier Dimensions: 19"wide x 19.25" deep x 5" high Buyer pays all Shipping and PayPal fees.
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