ThoressFR20CD MKIIIThoress FR20CD MKIII Hear the music!Essentially new $9500 speakers for $4K shipped. Thoress FR20CD MKIII 96 db efficient full-range point source reproducer Please visit Thoress website for more details;

Thoress FR20CD MKIII Hear the music! [Expired]

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Essentially new $9500 speakers for $4K shipped. Thoress FR20CD MKIII 96 db efficient full-range point source reproducer Please visit Thoress website for more details; This is a rare and unique opportunity to own a pair of meticulously designed, hand-crafted, and sonically exquisite speakers from Germany, probably the only MKIII pair in NA, if not one of few or the only FR20CD speakers. They are boxed and ready to ship with less then 50 hrs use. Reason for sale; I simply have no time or space to enjoy my audio system, otherwise I would not sell. Nothing to do with the speakers... they're not being replaced. This is the type of speaker you start with to build a serious digital or vinyl system around, enjoying for years to come. A perfect match for tube gear, as well as solid state. I personally used this with some of the finest made/sounding tube, digital gear, and cables; TRON Cantata 300B monos, Thoress F2A11 Integrated, Lampizator G3/L3 (also Reimyo DAP-777), Bryston BDP-1, Ocellia and solidcoreaudio silver cables and power cords. The sound is extremely detailed and focussed, highly revealing, exceptionally refined, emotionally rich and realistic with vocals, and throws a spacious soundstage. It also has two settings for the subwoofer via internal jumpers (accessible from bottom). Don't waste your time/money with other full-range/horn type speakers, let alone any speaker, in this price range. Nothing else will compare. I'd place it in top 5 in its class/price. This is an incredible bargain, an out-right steal. How do I know? My last reference speaker was the Horning Agathon Ultimates (finest sounding speaker to date), and before that Kharma Ceramique 2.1 SDSS,... plus others I've owned/auditioned. I know from experience what I'm taking about. And you can forget about Tonian, Zu,.. and many other hyped up speakers that seem to good to be true. This is a speaker that easily stands out form the mainstream speaker crowd. And as far as Tonian, I owned the TL-D1, and for all the gushing comments this speaker receives I was shocked to hear just how terrible it sounded compared to the Thoress using the same Fostex driver. The Thoress speaker sound was 100x's better and at only 4x's the retail cost. The improvement (clarity, accuracy, detail, absence of distortion,...) over the Tonian speaker was revelatory, to say the least. Not even close. The Thoress speaker will best just about any speaker in it's class/price, revealing what your gear is truly capable of. Stop wasting time and money buying and selling speakers that never leave you musically satisfied. And don't be dissuaded by the "unfamiliarity" with the brand. There are a number of high-end speakers which you haven't heard or read [reviews] about that will forever change your music listening experience, for the better, and the Thoress FR20CD MKIII is one of those. Payment Method Option: Cash Deposit to Bank Account. Buyer is expected to make payment within 1-2 days of agreement to purchase and correspond in a timely manner.
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