TTW Audio **NEW** Flagship TurntableMomentus V2/TTW Custom Graham Supreme IITTW Audio **NEW** Flagship Turntable Momentus V2/TTW Custom Graham Supreme II VTA Digital Glider Pod/Ortofon MC WinfeldMomentus V2 Revealed - Synergy - Design - Uncompromising Quality and Sonic Brilliance ™ Momentus V2 Supreme Technical Specification The analogue system is complete; feature rich for Ease of u...31000.00

TTW Audio **NEW** Flagship Turntable Momentus V2/TTW Custom Graham Supreme II VTA Digital Glider Pod/Ortofon MC Winfeld [Expired]

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Momentus V2 Revealed - Synergy - Design - Uncompromising Quality and Sonic Brilliance ™ Momentus V2 Supreme Technical Specification The analogue system is complete; feature rich for Ease of use, unheard of versatility, capability with aircraft grade build quality We provide the tools so you do not have to be a turntable guru to get 100% results, turntable set up has never been so easy and versatile. ™The solid plinth is machined from a 60 LB billet of MIC-6 Aluminum on a 4 AXIS CNC Milled to exact precision, finished in 1 mm thick piano black that is hand finished ™Integra Plinth Contoured Profile Integrating the Drive system and Twin VTA Glider Pods ™Momentus Supreme V2 High Definition Platter ™Dampening Decoupled Outer Rim Drive System ™The Silent Drive - DUO Drive – Direct RIM or Tri-Belt Operation ™TTW Custom Graham Phantom Supreme II Tone Arm ™Graham Engineering (patented) quick change arm wand system ™VTA/SRA Glider “On the Fly VTA Adjustment” ™Digital Readout SRA Indicator Std/180/220 Gram Quick Change VTA Settings ™TTMegaRing (Outer Ring System) and Center Weight Record Clamping Systems included ™Integra Plinth provides a small foot print 22 x 20 inches; modular build with the maximum weight of any given component is 40 lbs for ease of set up – Total weight 150 Lbs ™Silent Drive Ultra Duo-Drive Controller UNIVERSAL Voltage DC Motor System from 110 to 400 Volts USA/Canada/Europe/Asia all countries ™ Momentus Supreme V2 Standard Features The turntable is feature rich providing tools to allow you to set up and control the tone with unparallel ease. The turntable features two VTA/SRA Glider Pods with Optional Graham Phantom Supreme II Custom Tone arms backed up by a simple digital readout VTA system. The turntable can be configured as a belt or a rim drive. Ortofon Cartridges from the MC Winfeld to the new MC Anna are available for the Momentus series. Each Momentus is equipped with a complete record coupling system. ™Integra Plinth Contoured Profile Integrating the Drive system and Twin VTA Glider Pods The solid plinth is machined from a 60 LB billet of MIC-6 Aluminum on a 4 AXIS CNC Mill to exacting precision. The bearing well is machined to +/-.0003 for perfect mating to the 3.5 diameter brass bearing housing. This top grade material has properties inherent with stability and dampening. Accuracy is paramount for the rotating platter system. MIC 6® Aluminum Cast Plate is produced by continuous casting with each thickness individually cast. By utilizing the most recent developments in casting techniques, the molten metal is continuously fed, eliminating defects from lapses and seams. Thermal gradients are stabilized since heat is removed from both plate surfaces at a balanced rate. The employment of a SNIF filtering and degassing system ensures an end product free of voids and impurities. 1 MM Thick Black Powder Coat The stunning finish is piano black gloss baked powder coating. The plinth is wet sanded when complete bringing the finish to a deep, black and very rich finish. The finish is extremely durable; the aluminum will not be exposed if chipped due to the robust nature of the coating. Momentus Supreme V2 High Definition Platter Energy Management; The newly engineered HD platter is the result of four years of engineering utilizing material to material decoupling to effectively isolate noise from the drive systems and bearing to the record interface. The platter begins life with a 12 x 12 x 1.25 slab of aircraft grade aluminum and 8 individual components that are brought together and machined as a single unit providing “ZERO " platter run out and "ZERO " out of round, and ZERO out of balance. This is achieved by individually machining the components, the main platter, the drive rim, the alloy discs and the Acetal layers. Using high pressure heat activated laminate the components are then high pressure pressed together in custom machined assembly fixtures. This provides a true decoupling - there is no metal to metal contact, the laminate is .001 thick compliant materials. Once we complete the assembly the final machining is completed. Our proprietary assembly and final machining techniques make for the worlds MOST ACCURATE" platter, and yes we can prove it. The platter is machined to the highest end of Aerospace tolerances that are seen when we machine jet engine rings and components. The same care, quality and craftsmanship are instilled in our design and machining processes. Using in house tooling designed for aircraft rings and components we are able to machine all the features simultaneously - specifically the outer rim and the bearing bore, .0001 maximum run out after machining. The revised carbide bearing system with improved manufacturing techniques providing 0 out of balance and less than .0004 rim drive run-out allows perfect rotation with .01 or less wow and flutter ™Dampening Decoupled Outer Rim Drive System The exclusive Acetal Outer Rim Drive and the extreme tolerances required to run the rim drive system easily provided a top flight rim or high tension Belt Drive System. The final selection of belt or rim is a personal choice – you have two drives in one; both more effective than other turntables by design, tolerances and passion. This is the most unique decoupling system ever designed for a record player. The 13.5 inch Acetal Rim ™Drive is mated to the main platter with special tension fit installation. This provides a mechanical decoupling from the driven rim to the record platter. ™The Silent Drive - DUO Drive The massive, powerful motor provides direct rim drive for unparallel speed control "PRAT". The table can be operated in TRI-BELT Mode or DIRECT RIM drive. The ™Remote Motor - Silent Drive Motion Control Duo-Drive System operates in Direct RIM or Tri-Belt Operation. The heartbeat is a silent powerful brushless DC motion controller motor provides low torque start ups with improved braking and easier set up. The two component motor separates the electronic controls from the motor and the solid 18.8 lb (8.5 Kg’s) Carbon Steel Motor Housing provides superb vibration free operation. The final housing is shot peened for rigidity and powder coated for beauty. The motor is bolted internally with four ¼ - 20 Allen bolts in to a .800 thick top plate. The extreme precision of both the motor and the tolerances in the machined components provide extremely quiet and accurate speed control. The base features a fully inset ¼ inch silicone dampening o-ring inset in the specially machined grooves in the polycarbonate base for isolation and superb coupling to any surface. The control board enables super precise acceleration control allowing the use of a pure silicone single drive wheel. This provides improved coupling and reduced noise transfer ™TTW Custom Graham Phantom Supreme II Tone Arm Removable Arm Wands Includes Arm Positioning Fixture and Cartridge alignment tools with a Custom 10 inch arm wand length designed for the TTW turntables and outer ring system Designed without the Graham VTA system providing a lower center of gravity and post length optimizing the arms rigidity The arm tube is easily removable and using Graham’s patented alignment system offers the safety, convenience and accuracy of off-turntable cartridge installation and alignment, as well as allowing quick interchange of multiple pre-mounted cartridges Attaches to a nearly half-inch wide stainless-steel post-and-connector that supports the arm wand under tension, resulting in virtually a one-piece arm tube/pivot assembly with high damping NEUTRAL BALANCE the pivot point and the Center of Gravity of the moving system are in the same plane and when the arm is raised or lowered, there is no opposing force trying to return the arm to a rest position The pivoting system doesn't really know or care if the stylus is at the record surface level or a half-inch above or below it; as a result, there is no opposing force to the arm as it is traversing record deflection during play. The only downward tracking force is that of the adjustable counterweight, which remains constant."Magneglide" (TM) Bob Grahams Genius magnetic stabilization system The World’s Best Azimuth Adjustment - And Lateral Stability Never Seen in a Pivot Type Arm The very heart of the Phantom's design and its unique ability to retrieve groove information unprecedented in Tonearm design and this is achieved with the magnetic stabilization system which we have called "Magneglide" (TM) With this unique, patented system, all lateral stability, and a portion of the damping, is provided by powerful neodymium ("rare-earth") magnets, placed in a horizontal line from the pivot point of the Tonearm. ™VTA/SRA Glider “On the Fly VTA Adjustment” The VTA Pod is 21.9 lbs, three components system with internal grease filled dampening Simply turn the VTA knob while playing, it’s that simple 23.9 lbs with tone arm Can be used with ANY tone arm with or without VTA adjustment The VTA Piston is a massive 3.35 inch diameter for absolute rigidity with dual locking screws; system can play unlocked without issue if you want to move the arm frequently The Polycarbonate tone arm interface is custom fit for the new Phantom tone arm Easy access 90 degree DIN plug to fit any din cable On the fly VTA adjustment allowing the turntable to be tuned while playing music Concave base for rigid location, tone arm will never move .200 inches vertical travel / .600 total adjustment ™Optional Digital SRA Indicator Std/180/220 Gram Quick Change VTA Settings Optional Digital SRA Indicator provides quick presets for standard vinyl, 180 gram and 220 gram thickness maintaining perfect stylus rake angle The digital indicator readout provides .0005 incremental moves for extreme precision and adjustment on the fly The table can be tuned by recording quality and returned to nominal with the digital readout True positioning and No guesswork, the cartridge will perform at a much higher level than a standard VTA arm adjustment and you can use your ear while adjusting ™Silent Drive Ultra Duo-Drive Controller Duo Drive Selection (rear panel select belt or rim mode) UNIVERSAL Voltage DC Motor System from 110 to 400 Volts USA/Canada/Europe/Asia all countries Speed selector 33.333/45 RPM – 78 Can be set also Platter ON/OFF aircraft grade power switch(s) Separate speed control (10x Fine pots) for each the 33.333 and 45 RPM Power Supply is a Universal Voltage 100 to 400V transformer 6.5 AMP, 24 Volt output Built in AC line filters for extreme low noise XLR connector and standard HD grounded power cord 4ft Please enjoy the photographs, technical details and in depth Video demonstrations to follow, and feel free to call 905-953-7923 or 905-953-7772 or e-mail: for additional information. Thank You Larry Denham
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