deHavilland Electric AmpUltraverve 3 RemotedeHavilland Electric Amp Ultraverve 3 Remote Fresh tubesUltraVerve 3 Remote Preamplifier. Tubes were just replaced this spring, but it turns out they really didn't need to be, still lots of life left on them. I'm including the original tube set as well ...1875.00

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deHavilland Electric Amp Ultraverve 3 Remote Fresh tubes [Expired]

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UltraVerve 3 Remote Preamplifier. 
Tubes were just replaced this spring, but it turns out they really didn't need to be, still lots of life left on them. I'm including the original tube set as well as the replacement set. 
I am the original owner and bought the pre-amp in 2014. 

This is one of my all time favorite pre-amps but I no longer need it since I simplified my system by changing to an integrated amp. It does come with the relay actuated analog computer controlled 32 step stepped attenuator

Product Features 


* All octal tube compliment

* Vacuum tube rectification

* Direct coupled audio circuit

* Heater warm up delay timer

* Cardas Cable

* Silver teflon coated high purity copper wire

* Wonder Solder

* Output level balance controls - optional

* 100% hand wired point to point circuitry

* NEW! Silver or black anodized brushed aluminum front panel

* Paint filled engraved logo

* Steel Gray Metallic powder coated chassis

* Side Wood Panel Ready- Chassis includes 2 per side 8-32 

  threaded  anchor points to mount custom side panels.


Design Specifications 


bandwidth                        20Hz to 80 kHz

output class                     Class A 

feedback                          zero negative feedback                           

maximum output               30 volts p-p,  gain approximately 12dB

signal triodes                    1 X 6SN7  (GT, GTA, GTB, WGT)

cathode follower                2 X 6AH4 Single Triode

rectifier tube                      5AW4 or 5U4

signal/noise ratio               85dB     

inputs                               four stereo 

outputs                             two stereo

input impedance                50k ohms.

output circuit                     Cathode follower, minimum 10k Ohm load             

dimensions                       18"w, 11"d, 6"h

weight                              15 lbs. including shipping carton.


The "UltraVerve 3" Preamplifier is exactly the same as the "Verve" Preamplifier with the following added features:


* Higher voltage power supply transformer 

* High voltage 5AW4 rectifier tube

* Cardas Litz wiring

* Vampire high purity solid copper wire

* Military Spec Paper in Oil Capacitors

* Auricaps

* Roederstein Resistors

NEW!!! Stepped Attenuator

Custom made relay actuated analog computer controlled 32 step stepped attenuator with or without remote control... NOW AVAILABLE.!!! 

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