Joule ElectraLA-150 mkIIJoule Electra LA-150 mkII All tube Line Stage preamp!JOULE-ELECTRA LA-150MKII ALL TUBE LINE STAGE PREAMP - USED - $2,250 Plus ShippingFully tested, checked-out and ready to go this LP-150MKII is wonderfully balanced and musical line stage preamp....2100.00

Joule Electra LA-150 mkII All tube Line Stage preamp! [Expired]

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Fully tested, checked-out and ready to go this LP-150MKII is wonderfully balanced and musical line stage preamp. Great tone, body, and soundstage with very good bass and dynamics. This was around a $5,500 preamp when new, and this is a awesome deal for only $2,250. This is a built new (not upgraded/molested) 9 year old preamp. It is in very good to excellent condition cosmetically and operationally (I've circled the only two small flaws/marks on the faceplate in one of the pictures). It is complete with manual, remote, and factory box.

Though Joule-Electra is no longer in business, we (Rich Brkich, Signature Sound) was a Joule-Electra dealer for 15 years and I am still in touch with Joule owner/designer Jud Barber. I've been trained on the design of Joule gear by Jud and perform repairs, upgrades, and maintenance on Joule-Electra gear (references available). So, you can say this preamp has been checked by factory trained tech. All tubes are checked/tested and the line stage is biased to factory specs, all power supplies are checked for proper voltages (including filament supplies which are DC and set with adjustable regulators), output is checked for any DC offset (in case there is a leaky output coupling cap), inputs and switching are tested, the unit is cleaned inside and out and also listened to.  Note this preamp WAS wired for 240V operation and has been converted back to 120V/60Hz AC operation as per factory instructions/documentation I have.

These preamps have wonderful tone and portray a big palpable sound stage. As they are also low gain designs, the work well with today's sources which tend to have rather high output levels. Mate with a solid state power amp to add some wonderful sound to your HiFi system.

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