Arion AudioThe Apollo SystemnewThe Apollo System - High Sensitivity - OB - Line Source - AMT Based SystemArion is a mythical Greek figure from about 625 BC who was a great singer and poet.The Arion Audio Apollo System is currently on display at the Arion showroom located in Charlotte, North Carolina. ...24900.00

The Apollo System - High Sensitivity - OB - Line Source - AMT Based System

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is a mythical Greek figure from about 625 BC who was a great singer and poet.

The Arion Audio Apollo System is currently on display at the Arion showroom located in Charlotte, North Carolina. Other locations will be open soon. Check back. Please stop by and say hello.

Please visit our website: for addition information and go to our contact page for further inquiries.

The Apollo is a five-piece loudspeaker system featuring separate full range line source dipole towers, open baffle woofer modules and a Trinnov DSP controller. The separate
cabinets allow the full range line source dipole towers to be placed in the
perfect location to optimize soundstage and imaging for the main listening
position. The bass modules can be placed for optimum extended bass in-room
response and seamless integration with the full range towers.

The BFT (Balanced Force Transducer - *Patent Pending) bass
modules are an Open Baffle (OB) design and integrate perfectly with the full
range towers. Using separate bass modules allows flexibility with their placement
to optimize bass integration into the listening room. Furthermore, the bass
modules are designed to be stackable. The one pair of bass modules that comes
with the system will yield a good bass response in an average size listening
room. If the Apollo system is used in a large listening room then multiple
pairs can be stacked or placed around the room to help minimize room bass

Extraordinary high frequency, midrange and upper-bass
reproduction is attained from our proprietary HVT (High Velocity Transducer -
*Patent Pending) line array. Each of the nine HVT drivers (per speaker) is
comprised of CNC machined side plates made from the appropriate steel and
coated with a durable finish to protect the driver from corrosion. Custom
neodymium magnets weighing just under one pound are used for each driver. The
HVT drivers are designed and built in house by Arion Audio.

Several people have asked:

"Where can The Apollo System be auditioned?" The Apollo System can be
auditioned at our showroom located in Charlotte, NC.

"What type of drivers are the HVT drivers?" The HVT drivers are our
interpretation of the late Dr. Oskar Heil's ingenious AMT drivers. Our patent
application is not for the heil driver but what we have to do to use them in a
line array.

"Are there any reviews of The Apollo System?"

Art Dudley's comments......"had many strengths—baritone sax
on a live jazz recording was to die for…."

 "I just have to say that those "Prototype Speakers"
mentioned above? They were far and away the most clear, full and real sounding
that I heard at the show. The transients were pretty flawless. And I think the
"Lamm" gear gave them wings. The room? Tiny and filled with people
and still they impressed me. Impressed me about ten times as much as the
"Gryphons", sad to say."

“Can The Apollos be driven by low power amplifiers?” The Apollo towers are currently set up in our showroom driven by 3.5 watt per channel 2A3 tube amps. We can demonstrate the system using 1.5 watts per channel amplifiers as well. The Apollo woofers need
high power amplifiers of at least 150 watts per channel.

"Where is The Apollo System manufactured?"  The AMT drivers are designed and manufactured by Arion Audio.They are designed and manufactured in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. The Apollos are available in custom finished and wood veneers.

Thank you for your consideration.

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