BrystonBit20 Isolation TransformerusedBryston Bit-20 Isolation TransformerBryston BIT20 Isolation Transformer with a 17" black front panel. FREE SHIPPING CONTINENTAL U.S. !!! I am the original owner. it is in excellent condition. It looks as new as when I purchased it...2428.00

Bryston Bit-20 Isolation Transformer

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Bryston BIT20 Isolation Transformer with a 17" black front panel.


I am the original owner.

it is in excellent condition. It looks as new as when I purchased it from David Weinhart Designs.

The included power cord is 20 amp IEC.

$250 Discount for Local Pick-Up

I also have a GroverHuffman 20 amp Empress IEC, upgraded from the stock cord at additional cost.

Serial Number P 312239

The Bryston BIT20 Power Isolator has been designed as a complete power isolation unit which is ideal for protecting your equipment, while smoothing out the current running through your home theatre and home audio system. The BIT20 provides true isolation, along with low source impedance, and large enough instantaneous current for today’s most sophisticated and powerful audio amplifiers. Protect your system against diminished resolution and dimensionality in audio and video display.

- Plugs into standard household receptacles (NEMA 5-20R)
- Provides clean AC and surge protection
- Performs as a low pass filter
- Uses moving mode surge protection rather than MOV’s for better surge performances
- Meets IEEE c62.41-1991 and is built to withstand 6000 Volts, 3000 Amps for 1000 repeats
- Clamping voltage of 2 Volts above peak nominal voltage
- Provides protection for 120Vac mains at up to 20 Amps of current
- 10 medical grade duplex outlets
- Input Voltage 120V
- Output Voltage 120V
- Output Current 20A
- AC Inlet Type IEC 20A
- Outputs 10
- Dimensions HxWxD 17/19" x 6.3" x 16.5"
- Weight 88 lbs shipping weight add another approx. 8 pounds for Box and accessories.

This information is what I found in a BRYSTON Amp Brochure:
A/C POWER LINE CONDITIONERS Bryston urges caution in choosing a power conditioner for your audio/video system. Large power amplifiers can draw very substantial current from the wall plug, and many so-called power conditioners can in fact hinder the supply of current by inserting resistances in series with the line cord. However, there are now power conditioners that can reduce or eliminate RF and 'hash' from the AC supply and may actually improve current delivery to your system. This type of power conditioner (exemplified by 'TORUS' Power Conditioners) uses the energy storage in a large toroidal transformer to provide high instantaneous power and reduce the substantial AC output resistance of the wall socket and house wiring. This resistance can be in the range of 0.5 to 1 Ohm and is typically reduced to only a few milliohms by the Power Conditioner. That in turn considerably reduces Voltage drop in the power line on high current surges and quite substantially increases the stability of the power line improving audio (and video) focus, precision and clarity.

Includes: Power Cable & Original Shipping Box

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