Technics (KAB Electro-Acoustics Mod)SL1200 MK2 SETechnics (KAB Electro-Acoustics Mod) SL1200 MK2 SE Direct Drive TurntablePlease excuse the following indentation errors as no matter how many times I edited to correct them, they still appeared in the published listing. The reason for selling this turntable is that I ha...725.00

Technics (KAB Electro-Acoustics Mod) SL1200 MK2 SE Direct Drive Turntable [Expired]

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Please excuse the following indentation errors as no matter how many times I edited to correct them, they still appeared in the published listing. The reason for selling this turntable is that I have a bad back and, even though I feel the sound of vinyl is the best audio available, I tired of standing and cleaning LP's and standing and changing records during playback. So two (2) years ago I converted to the lazy convenience of listening to digital by ripping all my cd's and vinyl to FLAC files on a hard drive which I listen to using JRiver Media Center on my computer, a headphone amp, a Meridian DAC and a high end pair of Byerdynamic headphones. You may contact me at Email "" or by phone 860-693-8931 if you have any questions.

Technics SL-1200 Direct Drive Turntable History

It's the 1970's and Technics embarks on an ambitious plan to develop a state-of the-art direct-drive turntable system for precision half speed mastering of CD-4 Quad recordings. Though little is known of the engineers and scientists involved in this project, the fruits of their labor continue to grace the audio landscape.The Technics Special Products Group was responsible for the SP-02 disc cutting turntable, in use to this day, for mastering audiophile lacquers. For playback purposes, the SP-10, 12, and 15 turntables were developed employing, for the first time, a linear frequency generator to monitor and control platter rotation. It is this drive and control system that eliminated, for the first time, the effects of both static and dynamic stylus drag on speed stability. It is this drive and control system that is used in the current SL-1200. Speed stability is still a problem belt drive designers are grappling with today due to the stretching of the belt with time of use. Material science played an important role also with the the first applications of non-resonant body designs utilizing constrained layering of cast metals, engineering resins and heavy rubber resulting in a rigid turntable body incapable of sustaining resonance. The Technics SL-1200 MK2 SE is the step child of the SP series and embodies every bit of that technology and engineering science. Still being the world standard for professional club use, this turntable, with the additional KAB Electro-Acoustic mods, has allowed it to become the most affordable hi-end turntable available today.

KAB Electro-Acoustics Upgrade Modifications (
The Technics SL-1200 MK@ SE incorporates the following modifications performed by KAB Electro-Acoustics (See Photos):

KAB TD1200 FLUID DAMPENING SYSTEM: This  fluid damping system for the Technics SL-1200 tonearm includes a precision machined aluminum trough, a precision molded tonearm paddle, 60,000 CST silicone damping fluid  . This custom machined aluminum
trough and paddle system fits the existing tonearm perfectly. Tracking on warps is outstanding, even at 78 RPM. Because the stylus is now eve more stable in the groove, the retrieval of detail is also enhanced. Bass performance too moves up a notch since all low frequency resonance is eliminated.

KAB/STANTON DISCMASTER V3 AE INTEGRATED PHONO CARTRIDGE;  This cartridge was modified by KAB for use on the SL-1200.

KAB PS1200 OUTBOARD REGULATED POWER SUPPLY SOCKET;  This socket allows the user the possibility of utilizing a precision external power supply to drive the turntable motor.


KAB PC1200 PHONO INTERCONNECT MODULE:  This module, attached to the rear of the turntable, allows the user to use higher quality interconnects instead of the stock inexpensive cables that were originally attached to the basic turntable..

The Frequency Generator Servo Control on the SL 1200 MK2 SE produces the most consistent rotational accuracy of any known drive system. Unlike most belt drive systems, it is completely immune to both static and dynamic stylus drag. The Tonearm bearings, polished to a finish of ± 0.5 microns, feature very low friction of 0.007 grams and the turntable body is a 3 section constrained layer non resonant affair. The Cast 5 Lb Platter system is damped both underneath and by the 1 Lb top mat.
  • 33 45 RPM(Std.)

  • 78 RPM(Opt.)

  • Direct Drive System - Quartz Locked

  • F G Servo Control

  • Variable Speed 8% & 16%(m5g and gld)

  • W&F 0.025%

  • Peak W&F 0.035%

  • Rumble -79dB

  • Tracking Force 0-4 grs

  • Anti Skate Force 0-6 grs

  • Tracking Accuracy
    2.3 degrees outside groove
    0.32 degrees inner groove

  • Cable Capacitance 100 pF OFC fine strand copper and gold connectors for M5G and GLD

  • Effective Mass 12 grams

  • Dimensions 17 x 15 x 6"

  • Shipping Weight 35 Lbs

One of the features that I love about this turntable is the ability to adjust the VTA (Vertical Tracking Angle) of the cartridge while an LP is playing by turning a large micro-adjustmant dial at the base of the pivot point of the tonearm. This allows one to tailor the timbre of the sound of the LP playing. To my knowledge, you won't find this feature on any of the super hi-end, very expensive turntables. It is definitely a must-have.

The special platter mat is a "Herbie's Way Excellent 5.3mm Turntable Mat" which I purchased from Herbie's Audio Lab for $59.99 to replace the original that came with the turntable. The original mat is included should you choose to use it instead. In addition, I replaced the four (4) adjustable footers that came with the turntable with four (4) sorbethane footers which I purchased from KAB for around $40 to further protect the turntable from vibrations. The original footers are included should you choose to use them instead. The original cost of $941.55 for the turntable did not include the new mat nor footers.
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